Newspaper CtP systems Advantage N

Advantage N is designed to meet your every need. Whether you are a modest local newspaper printer or the most ambitious high-volume publisher, Advantage N is the solution. That’s because this CtP platesetter family offers you a range of choices.

Choose from different plate-loading mechanisms and throughput speeds (up to 400 plates per hour) to fulfill your personal wishes. Rely on violet-laser imaging, with which Advantage N units can image both conventional and chemistry-free plates. Opt for unprecedented productivity with the new Advantage N-PL or go for the affordable basics with Advantage N Essentials.

Commerial CtP systems Avalon B8-24S

The manual-loading Avalon B8-24S is a robust, entry-level platesetter system with on- or offline processing. The S model delivers up to 23 plates per hour, size 8-up, whereas the XT outputs up to 30 plates per hour.

Both engines deliver unmatched imaging results in combination with Agfa Graphics thermal plates, and the seamless integration with industry-leading Apogee workflow guarantees affordable high-quality plate production for your commercial packaging and publishing printing business.

Wide format Printer Jeti Mira

Jeti Mira The true flatbed Jeti Mira is a six-color and white UV-inkjet printer that offers you impressive print quality and productivity (printing speed up to 227 m²/hr), but most of all versatility. The dockable roll-to-roll option enables printing on a wide variety of flexible media.

The highly reliable and incredibly versatile Jeti Mira is a true flatbed printer, featuring a moving gantry for printing on x- and y-axes with pinpoint precision. It produces industry-leading quality in six colors and white with optional varnish or primer. 


Agfa offers a great varieties of plates:Newspapers printing

¨    N91v : Photopolymer plates used with all violet laser-diode CtP devices for the newspaper printing market.

¨    N94-VCF: Photopolymer  , chemistry-free plate.

¨    Commercial printing, Azura series, chemistry-free plate.

more: Azura TS WEB

¨    Thermostar P970, can be used in all leading thermal CtP systems perfect for commercial printing applications of medium run lengths.